Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Great Zealand Green Lipped Mussel - Mother Nature's Kind of Treating Chronic Inflammation

The New Zealand eco lipped mussel (Perna canaliculus) is usual throughout New Zealand, during fact, it is separated an introduced pest australia wide. In New Zealand but it, these mussels, which is located in a family known any "true" mussels, play a significant role throughout the market. For the most cranny, the mussels are behind closed doors cultivated commercially, although many natives still must gather their own mussels simply because intertidal zone along A revolutionary Zealand's many beaches. Of all known mussel species, these are among the biggest, frequently reaching a proportions 24cm in length.

Okay, now that we know a bit about these mussels, let's take a focus on why they have attracted before millions of health conscious people around the globe.

To begin with, they contain with the multitude of fatty acids unique to that fact species, and of course that is are already aware of the importance of essential fatty acids. Efas are vital to our health health, but unfortunately an average person's diet does fail to contain nearly enough. Unquestionably, if your only concern is to increase a lot of Omega-3 fatty acids in what you eat, you would more than likely need to be choosing a good quality cooking oil supplement since oily fish is still the best source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids. However, these New Zealand mussels also have other qualities which one won't find in fish oil.

One such quality is the use of glycosaminoglycan; a polysaccharide widely considered capable of repairing damaged joint tissues. Other compounds present in these mussels are also shown to combat inflammation, To date however, there is still much debate whether or not or not these compounds can be used for treating inflammation caused on Arthritis. To be appreciable, more studies need to be accomplished in order to determine through which effective these compounds are as long as Arthritis Treatments are pertinent.

If one is in a position to look beyond a possible a way Arthritis, it seems evident this particular particular New Zealand mussels have truly secured their place toward the "natural remedies" market. Let's be honest, New Zealand now produces through 150, 000 tons every year, with an estimated the importance of around 300 million Completely new Zealand dollars.

Quality control and healthiness standards in New Zealand's mussel industry are conceived the highest in the population. Both the green lipped mussels and also waters surrounding mussel facilities are constantly monitored and tested for the use of heavy metals, bacteria, and a sufficient quantity of other biotoxins. Standards have to meet the requirements of the New Zealand Foods Safety Authority, the Eu, and also the US Food.

While New Zealand green mussels think you are farmed elsewhere as highly, one should, in my opinion, only use dietary supplements constructed from mussels farmed in Completely new Zealand.


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