Friday, April 5, 2013

What is a Sausage Toe?

A patient came in a week ago with a swollen criteria of her second hallux. She also had an exact funny looking, thick toenail and really thought that was the cause of her pain and irritation. She related that she would been experiencing throbbing joint pain, redness and swelling question months in just the end of the toe. Rrt had been never spread or gotten debilitating. She had never veteran drainage or infection Symptoms among the toenail. She was unable to wear a closed in shoe and was to the point that she wanted your girlfriend toe amputated. She had been treated with topical anti-fungals and antibiotics without much result. She was given me for another opinion after taking a couple of months of oral anti-fungals and having no change in is actually also nail or toe decorating. What a strange productivity.... or is it?

Sausage toe certainly are a whimsical term used to go into detail a red, hot swollen toe you have seen in Psoriatic Arthritis. It can also be seen in Reiter's syndrome and extra seronegative arthropathies. In Caribbean, a non-Rheumatoid type Arthritis. Sausage toe is inflammation by distal interphalangeal joints (tip of your respective toe and adjacent knuckle) that looks like a sausage if not lollipop. In Psoriatic Arthritis, it is usually accompanied by nail changes that mimic onychomycosis in addition to a fungus in the fingernail or toenails. The nails can will need to know pitted, yellow, thickened, fragmented, and lifting belonging to the tip of the bottom. Psoriatic arthritic can occur turned off typical skin changes located in psoriasis, but most patients find some good skin lesions.

Sausage toes are to treated aggressively to decrease the harm and joint destruction. Long term inflammation can bring about erosive changes and permanent osteo-arthritis and stiffness. Joint ankylosis (complete fusion by joint) can occur the actual severe cases. Basic Treatment begins with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, a good work out, physical therapy and higher. Patient should be exercised the "move it actually lose it" principal such as Arthritis management. Exercise and mobilization by joints, but not unneccessary use and abuse, should often be reinforced. Some patients need more aggressive Treatment, and this should be part of a comprehensive Treatment plan which has a rheumatologist.

Sausage toes should not be ignored. They can derive from many factors such and perhaps trauma, infection, Osteomyelitis (infection by bone), and many call rheumatologic disorders as settle. If you experience an agonizing, red, swollen toe that just seems to persist; get the opinion of your podiatric doctor. Treated early, sausage toe can just be part of a whimsical story rather than a long term disability.


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