Friday, June 7, 2013

OsteoArthritis-Management Side by side with Yoga

According of choice Ayurveda, an integrated path to living, the imbalance of Vata dosha could be chief cause of OsteoArthritis (Sandhigata) that offers raise to inflammation and pain inside the joints.

Accumulated negative toxins got in contact with ama (undigested waste) inside the colon which occurs using the emotional and physical disorders when settled in the joints lead to OA.

Yoga tries throughout manage this degenerative medical condition by including all areas viz., physical-mental-moral-spiritual in here are manner.

** Stressed arm rest, worries, tiredness, disturbed sleep leads to a state of improper gi tract and yoga helps that you overcome all these.

** The mild accentuate your figure movements and gentle pressures your yogic postures keeps a check affected joints mobile together with a prevents further damage and reduces pain. Stretching postures carried out with rhythming breathing techniques helps that you relax and release the mass of muscle that are crumpled your joints.

** When the person experience pain due to inflammation inside the joints, pranayama (breathing technique) is intended to be practiced as it tape the accumulated toxins leading reduction in pain, after one can do sun's rays salutation. First do the loosen up exercises then hold a posture that helps in utilizing a strength and flexibility from your body and finally the actual Shavasana (relaxation pose).

** Strength building asanas build muscles around the joints so it helps in nourishing it. Flexibility yielding asanas open up the joints and enhance the blood, oxygen and energy source circulation. Shavasana done after the above two asanas is familiar with rejunevate to heal the body using the energy one has acquired previously mentioned postures.

** Energizing and temperatures rising pranayama like Kapalabhati pranayama and Ujjayi Pranayam may be recommended. Asanas for fashionable OA are Virabhadrasana, Parsvottanasana, Vrkasana Utthita Trikonasana etcetera.,

** Cyclic yoga exercises regarding Suryanamaskara, burn extra calorie intake. Abdominal exercises improves the digestive system. Yogic postures along with breathing exercises makes an physiological and psychological impact. Then do Shavasana which enables you in regulating the thinking process. This sequence in spending asanas helps one to restore the quantity vata dosha thereby treating OA at its location of creation.


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