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Yogic Means to fix Arthritis (Inflammation of Joints)

Arthritis can be an disease of the joint. People suffering from this disease have a burning assuming, terrible pain and aching inside their affected joints. There makes swelling, redness, stiffness, and heat in the joints. It is difficult to explain the explanation this disease as products reasons for it. It really is cause due to lacking proper diet, lack of a good exercise, lack of hygienic care, due to poor health and similar other types and designs. It affects both male and female of all age groups and almost disheartening aspect of the disease that could be does not get conveniently cured through medicines while in chronic stages. But regular habit of some selected yoga asanas can cures this complaint within few months.

The most remarkable a component yoga Treatment does it boast cures the disease without the use of any medicines and it offers a permanent cure.

Yogic Treatment:

The arthritic patients need to do three things: regular habit of selected yoga asanas, to eat proper diet, and to aid proper hygienic care.

The arthritics cautiously practice the following asanas:

  1. Suntulan Asana: For it asanas one had to stand on one leg all together. It removes rigidity and brings flexibility even so joints and also normalized the blood flow in the affected areas and fortifies the muscles. This asanas has curative effect over a knees, ankles, shoulder the big toe joint, wrists, palms and biceps and triceps.

  2. Trikona Asana: Trikona asana has medical value for curing the pain or any disorder for the kids neck and the shoulder joints. This asana has good effect over a spine, the hip cable connections, the hands and one of those palms. All the major joints indoors waist area are properly activated with the muscles are duly toned up by this asana. The arthritics cautiously practice Santulan asana first with the Trikona asana. It also develops the visionary concentration of the eyes; brings flexibility to the rear and provides the quantity of mental attentiveness.

  3. Veera Asana: It exercises all the major and minor joints per process in a very effective way. The external activation boosts the blood circulation in your current joint areas and changes their normal health. This asana also has a good strengthening impact on the lungs and the breasts. It tones up muscles of the thighs, the hip and that arms and takes away the fat from these areas.

  4. Gomukh Asana: It's not exercises the finger articulation, the elbows, the sustain joints, the toes, summer time ankles, the knees in which hip joints very generally. All the muscles and nerves affiliated with various joints are in an instant toned up, activated not normalized.

  5. Vriksha Asana: It fortifies the muscles of fundamental ankles, toes, knees, fad joints, shoulder joints, elbows, hands and fingers.

  6. Setubandha Asana: It really is main impact on the spine and the hip joints. This asana also rehab pain and corrects problems with the soulders joints, shoulder blades, arms and the hands.

  7. Siddha Asana: This asana encompasses a curative effect on that joints below the stomach area. It has a good bearing on the nervous system in body.

  8. Natraj Asana: For the arthritics it has a great curative effect upon that joints. It has additionally a good effect upon the trunk. It removes backache, rigidity, and other disorders for the kids spine.

Proper Foods:

Diet to be followed by the arthritic people are listed below:

1. Stop eating bananas and curd.
2. Quit smoking.
3. Not more than two cups of coffee a day.
4. Eat lots of fruits (except banana), green leafy vegetables, and germinated grams.
5. Avoid overuse of hot spices.
6. Should drink 10 to 12 cups of water everyday.
7. Should eat at least two hours before making retiring time during consort with.
8. They should eat four times daily.

Hygienic Look out:

The most important thing about hygienic treatment therapy is to bathe regularly and a lot wear clean cloths. Neatness and cleanliness should be maintained in everyday life.

Thus, if the Arthritis patients follow the above mentioned system of yoga therapy should feel assured of getting fully cured from this disease.


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