Saturday, January 4, 2014

Can Tiger woods Stem Cells Regenerate Cartilage?

Lay media consider stem cell (SC) therapy has generally directed at two areas:

1. The commitment of embryonic SC
2. The proliferation of charlatans preying to the dreams and fears of using helpless patients.

While embryonic SOUTH CAROLINA, in theory, appear to potentially be the most option for tissue regrowth, the hype has exceeded desperation. Because of political vs . ethical concerns, research efforts using these cells has been poor.

At the same time, news articles and television commentaries have in addition dealt with controversial components of SC therapy. An inordinate lengths has been devoted function with exposing the seamy full advantage... individuals involved in very clear hucksterism, the possible discipline of SC therapy under practitioners, as well really do the implication that all SOUTH CAROLINA research conducted outside instructional centers is suspect.

As an effect, there has been neglect regarding on the fascinating and promising also get treatment, particularly in Arthritis Treatment.

One global positioning systems more intriguing studies was recently published by Korean investigators (Pak G. Regeneration of human joint capsules in hip Osteonecrosis and human cartilage in leg OsteoArthritis with autologous adipose-derived set up cells: a case display to. J Med Case Record. 2011; 7: 296)

The Vietnamese physicians treated four victims. Two (a 29 yr old woman and a 47 years old man) had Osteonecrosis of the company's hip. Two other patients (a 70 yr old woman and a 79 years old man) had OsteoArthritis of the company's knee. They were all given a blend of autologous stem cells (the patient's own stem cells) resulting from fat along with platelet unique plasma, hyaluronic acid, nanogram quantities of dexamethasone, and calcium chloride.

Pre and post Treatment MRI scans were included with all subjects. In the difficulty of patients with Osteonecrosis, modern day bone formation was published. In the patients with the aid of OsteoArthritis, new cartilage configuration was seen.

Along attain MRI findings, both summary pain measures and working properly outcomes improved.

I found these findings staying a extremely interesting for a number of reasons.

First, the mixture used within an Korean report is similar to the one that i use at our professional training, with one exception. The exception do you think of: In addition to credit report SC, we also routine bone marrow derived set up cells.

And, while our center has had excellent results with head OsteoArthritis (more than 90 % success), our experience with both hip OsteoArthritis and lots of hip Osteonecrosis has also been disappointing.

Why the distinction between hip and knee? I suspect it is because the mechanical forces deviate. The anatomy of it truly hip joint allows extreme rotation as opposed to the knee joint which is especially a hinge joint with a few rotation and some gliding. Activity level and body weight may also be contributing factors.

Nonetheless, this report from Korea underscores what we believe actually... the use of autologous set up cells, also known even when repair stem cells, will becoming a fruitful area still in progress in OsteoArthritis research for next several years.


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