Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lemon - More common Fruit That Can Address Your Arthritis Pain besides other Diseases!

Lemons are invaluable in cases of gout, malaria, rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, and scurvy. They might also be useful in fevers and / or liver complaints.

Lemons make the perfect source of vitamin C as well as essential nutrients.

I have found the juice of merely one lemon taken in a little hot water could remove dizzy feelings in the head and leave you feeling refreshed. Its cleansing properties help the liver with the detoxing process.

The juice of a lemon for may be taken meeting and morning with the benefit by sufferers from rheumatism. In the "lemon cure" for gout and rheumatism, the patients starts with one lemon per day and enhance the quantity until they click a dozen or much more. But I think that's carrying it to unsuitable. Dr. Fernie recommends the juice of a single lemon mixed with an equal proportion of hot water, to be taken quite frequently, in cases of rheumatic temperature.

A prescription for malaria, given in the Lancet, is some: "Take a full-sized lemon, cut it in slim transverse slices, rind and everything, boil these down within an earthenware jar containing a pint and a half of water, until the decoction diminishes to half a pint. Permit this to cool on the window-sill during the night time, and drink it off lunch. " A Florentine doctor discovered that fresh lemon juice will alleviate the exploitation of cancerous ulceration for kids to grow tongue. His patient sucked slices orange.

A German doctor found that fresh lemon juice kills the diptheria bacillus (basically lemon juice due to their low pH is antibacterial), and advises a gargle of diluted lemon juice to diptheric patients. An exceptionally gargle is excellent for a sore throat.

Dr. Fernie recommends lemon juice for nervous palpitation tracking heart. Lemon juice rubbed again to corns will eventually remove them, and if ascribed to unbroken chilblains will effect relief from.

The juice of a lemon is likewise an old remedy for losing freckles and blackheads inside the face. It should be rubbed in at night, after washing with hot water.


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