Monday, February 25, 2013

Space-Age Treatment with Tendonitis and Arthritis

Space-Age Technology

We spend inordinate numbers of our hard-earned money within Osteopathy, physiotherapy, chiropractic, magnets therapy, and a massive many whimsical old wives' remedies that create us mostly living in hope regarding in reality. Treatment with tendonitis, Arthritis, and many other musculoskeletal disorders, does need to be applied using the very latest state of the art equipment. In fact, equipment that is the developed in tandem with the most incredibly advanced space-age science. This 'new' science is proven to be biomimetics and is in the old days simulate, and stimulate, the human body's natural healing and regrowth processes.

This technology, supposed to combat the musculoskeletal disorders experienced by astronauts, often subjected to working for many years in conditions of weightlessness, has been confirmed to be most proficient at treating the many and varied problems related to bone-ligament-muscle-tendon connection.

When normal movement is fixed by Arthritis, rheumatism, along similar conditions affecting where you bones and joints, the enjoyment of normal life wins severely reduced. Over time, many methods have been employed in determining a successful Treatment for tendonitis these types of other ailments, including solution, pills, potions, diets, bracelets and bangles, manipulation therefore you massage. Most of these have produced not any long term benefit.

Natural Pain Relief

When the skin needs to repair themselves naturally, it responds most favourably to exercise began this morning the process. Unfortunately, disadvantages, or perhaps age, can sometimes prevent exercise of just about any kind and therefore restrict the restorative process from functioning most effectively and efficiently. Then our painful Symptoms the actual continue. However, a method of kidding your system into thinking it's being exercised has been used to stimulate natural relief from pain, and often complete recovery?

Emerging from the deep scientific research carried out in support of the property or home program, biomimetics, a more complicated and powerful further development as to what was originally known to get pulsed electromagnetic field practice of medicine (PEMF), has been " totally exposed " rigorous testing and systems work efficiently. The conclusions are aforesaid positive and encouraging for sufferers of Arthritis or rheumatism, nevertheless able to for the Treatment of tendonitis in its bristling many forms.

Startling Results

Harnessing technologies, equipment such as the e-cell is producing startling results in patients experiencing agony from a range yes musculoskeletal disorders. Fully utilising the advantages gained hailing from the research carried on the outside of by scientists working so your health and safety in case astronauts, e-cell employs the blessing and principles of biomimetics to help damaged ligaments, muscles, tendons and joints to help repair themselves by stimulating the body's own natural resources. e-cell is succeeding where other therapies failed and it's application of space-age biomimetic technology is leading the way in neuro-scientific musculoskeletal disorder Treatment.


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  1. interesting blog. I had hip joint arthritis for 4 years and it was really frustrating. Arthritis is probably one of the major enemies of runners like me. I was not able to join my group fun runs, I gained weight because my movements were very limited, have wasted a lot of money for treatments. Painkillers helped me, yes no doubt about that, but I wanted to have more effective treatment. I tried different medications and so far, only stem cell treatment gave me better result. The treatment was rendered by my orthopedic surgeon, Dr Purita from Stem MD. It was a 7-week treatment and I was able to complete it. I am arthritis free for almost 8 months now and I am hoping that the effect will last for years more.