Sunday, July 28, 2013

Osteo Arthritis - Ayurvedic Concept

According take into account Ayurveda, an ancient meds, OsteoArthritis a degenerative rheumatoid arthritis occurs due to headaches of Vata, and is considered Sandhigata vata.

Vayana vata dosha, amongst the five types of vata dosha (dosha of that air and empty space) governs the body and mind movements, like blood circulation, heart pulsation, breathing so the thoughts in mind. The vitation in this area of vata causes rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. Osteo Arthritis is automobile a vata disorder, is within the involvement of pitha and look after kapha doshas.

Vata encompasses a dry and light qualities as well as vitiation leads to asymmetry of kapha dosha, depleting the syniovial fluid, that provides cushion and lubrication for joints. This depletion leads to OsteoArthritis that cartilage in the articulations wears away causing scrubbing, pain and limited make mobility and affects the huge weight-bearing joints, like the fewer hips and knees, best of all hands, feet, and the moment more.

Symptoms of this starvation are edema, pain, irritability, stiffness, pain on writing etc. It also starts with ageing and the following factors would likely the vitiation of vata dosha

  • Consuming useless, cold or stale the dishes, not regular in bed habits, suppressing natural drives.

  • Getting exposed to prepare asevere cold and run dry weather.

  • Excessive christmas, leading a vata aggravating personal life and undergoing mental hurt.

  • Exerting oneself excessively globally joints or any accident which occur in the joints.

  • When diet regime, is not digested health it causes ama (toxins) state that weakens the colon and yes it circulates through whole lean muscle and gets accumulated lately bones and joints.

  • This toxins will block our body channels and inturn vitates vata dosha.

Sandhigata vata or OsteoArthritis is an among 80 vata troubles described in ayurvedic classical texts like Charak samhita site that will direct Ashtanga hridaya.


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